Inaugural Blog

Hello and welcome to this our inaugural blog.

My name is David and over the coming months I’m going to be writing this blog for Helen Gee Hairdressing. Here you’ll find out more about our talented stylists – their hairy projections for the coming seasons – get all of our news and events updates. Plus, I’ll respond to your comments and feedback, so we can cover some subjects that are of real interest to you.

Today however, I can’t decide what to write about. Whether it should be how delighted I am to have just joined a team of such energetic and creative stylists. Each with their own unique and individual style of hairdressing, yet collectively, our work holds a strong family resemblance, a family that is Helen Gee Hairdressing.

Or, possibly to write about our stunning new location in Ulverston’s centre, on the engrossing Market Street, with its beautiful boutique shops, gorgeous restaurants and exciting bars.

So instead I am going to talk a little bit about the decor of our new urban style salon. Taking inspiration from The Bauhaus Movement, our shop is stripped down to the functional and stylish, a look that is also thought of as minimal. The decor is geometric and heavy on right angles, while the fixtures have been commissioned and are bespoke to our specifications, they hold a certain unpretentious charm.

To complete the look, Helen went for industrial fittings, lots of raw metal including light tracks and lighting. More excitingly, the suspended picture frames that we have filling the double fronted window, frames that hold images of Helen’s latest photo shoot (more of this in a later post).
As you can see it’s a very interesting time for us here at Helen Gee Hairdressing and we hope you decide to come along for the ride. Maybe, you would like to call in to see the salon first hand, and enjoy a complementary consultation with one of our stylists.

Until next time,


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